Dan Drechsel: HireIQ Solutions CEO: Driving Change


HireIQ Solutions CEO Dan Drechsel

A privilege for Todd and I to welcome new HireIQ Solutions CEO Dan Drechsel to the show. Mr. Drechsel has a background with organizations like ADP, S1, and SAP before joining HireIQ.

He joined us to share his insights on how organizations can transform their markets. On the show, Todd, Dan, and myself discussed the following topics:

1. The critical differences between serving a large organization and a smaller, early-stage start-up.

2. The question about whether a large, entrenched corporation that’s been around a while…can they still transform themselves? And their market?

3. With regards to HireIQ technology, data and voice analysis technology. Monitoring 232 voice attributes, and the importance of determining the difference between active and passive voices.

4. How HireIQ is using technology to map out the ideal candidates and prospects for future talent aquisition and hiring.

5. Driving change in your customers, and why organizations of all sizes and types try to achieve that.

6. Can HireIQ’s technology be applied to other business models and hiring applications?

7. After long service at large organizations…what was the appeal for Dan to do a gig with a smaller, early-stage start-up?

8. Keys areas of focus in leading transformation not only in their market space, but also for the organization itself…

9. As a CEO for an early-stage tech start-up, what advice does he have for other start-ups to help them survive and thrive. And the most important thing isn’t what you think…

10. How to grow and develop talent.

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