Kristie Evans of HR Logistics: Strategic HR


Pleased to welcome Kristie Evans, CEO and founder of HR Logistics, to the show! HR Logistics provides business analytics and business intelligence, focused specifically in human capital management.

On the show, we discussed the following topics:

1. What the heck does logistics have to do with human resources?

2. The increased importance of analytics in human resources and human capital management. What do you measure? How do you measure? What tools do you use?

3. What is human risk management, and why does it matter to an organization? There is a transaction taking place when a person sells their skills to an organization, and in exchange for paycheck, the organization assumes it will get the benefits of that person’s talent and skills…

Kristie Evans

4. The difference between managing talent risk, and leveraging talent…

5. Can an HR organization provide a strategic edge to a customer? And if so, how?

6. How does an organization set its human capital management priorities?

7. Business process transformation, transformative change management…just some of the work that HR Logistics does. How does an HR shop help organizations transform not only their business, but their own marketplace?


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