Ron and Charles Davis of SIVAD Business Solutions


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A pleasure to welcome Ron Davis and Charles Davis to the show. Respectively, Ron is the President, and Charles the CFO of SIVAD Business Solutions. SIVAD leverages experience coupled with hardware and software technology to provide solutions that automate the processes used by organizations to run their day-to-day business.


1. “Our mission is to find problems. And then using technology, we craft solutions to solve the problem. It is NOT the other way around.”

2. We discuss the crucial role technology plays in transforming marketplaces. Gone are the days where you hire more employees to drive production. Technology makes organizations more efficient, thus saving money.

3. Ron and Charles discuss the four sectors they serve: government, education, commercial, and health care.

4. “We are looking for niche problems in niche markets.”

5. SIVAD works with one of the largest school districts in the country, and they share the challenges of working with a system of that size…and how technology impacts the project.

6. SIVAD’s work ranges from small organizations to Fortune 100 companies. We discuss the importance scaling work matters in transforming markets.

7. SIVAD does their own podcast, and they use it to learn from the market to craft their market-influenced solutions.

8. SIVAD does a lot of work in county elections, helping county election boards provide more accurate elections, with the vote count done faster, and improving the voting process for voters themselves…all with few people and resources.

9. One of the ways SIVAD has tried to truly transform their service delivery is to hire people who have worked in the industries they are targeting, who really understand the day-to-day grind, who really understand the issues…and that has made all the difference.

10. Charles recommends for the organizations that CAN do this, and sell B2B, setting up a virtual organization has made ALL the difference in how SIVAD is transforming its market.

11. Don’t set up a Board of Advisors full of YES MEN. Formulate a board that will challenge you, but also support and cheerlead for you.

12. You can learn more about SIVAD Business Solutions here.


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