Sami Jajeh of Arketi Group and the Technology Executives Roundtable


Sami Jajeh

A pleasure to welcome Sami Jajeh to the studio. Mr. Jajeh is lead researcher, Board Member and Past President of TER, and principal of the Arketi Group. The main items up for discussion today were TER’s Annual Atlanta Technology Executive Compensation Survey, and learning more about Technology Executives Roundtable.


1. Sami discusses the mission and purpose of TER, the Technology Executives Roundtable, and what makes it one-of-a-kind amongst the technology associations in Metro Atlanta.

2. Exclusivity is the distinction that makes TER special. Invitation-only, for tech companies, achieving a certain amount of revenue.

3. Sami shared a typical agenda at a TER meeting, and listed several of the discussion topics covered at a typical meeting.

4. We discussed the coordination of groups such as TER and TAG, to make Georgia a technology mecca.

5. Sami outlined the purpose of TER’s Annual Atlanta Technology Executive Compensation Survey.

6. Lots of interesting findings from the survey, but most interesting was that founder ownership and founder equity, was increasing. This means less dilution is occurring, which is a good trend.

7. We discussed the different types of compensation seen in the survey, from base compensation, bonuses, stock options, and benefits.

8. Sami explains why this survey matters to the Georgia technology community, especially with regards to recruiting top talent into your organization.

9. Sami walked through the team, the process, and the methodology of putting the research and survey together.

10. You can find more information about the Technology Executives Roundtable, as well as get information about the survey itself at

11. You can email Sami at Arketi’s website is


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