TechOperators’ Dave Gould on Business Transformation Radio!


Dave Gould in the studio...

Very fortunate to be joined in the studio by Dave Gould.

Dave is the former CEO of Witness Systems, a local tech company that sold for about ONE BILLION in 2007. He is now a local investor looking to tech companies capable of transforming their markets.

Dave Gould is now a partner with Atlanta-based TechOperators, formed in 2008 by successful technology entrepreneurs and executives with the mission of applying capital and practical experience to help entrepreneurs build great technology companies.

Today’s discussion guide:

1. Dave, from the standpoint of an investor, discussed the kinds of transformative effects they are looking for from a start-up venture.

2. We discussed the kinds of things: traits, positioning, talent, ideas and product that investors are looking for when considering an investment.

3. Dave talked about how many deals he passes on, and what things they are missing the boat on when evaluated.

4. Finally, Dave talks about the technologies, markets, and companies that are ripe for transformation.

If you considering launching a tech start-up, and potentially seeking a capital equity raise, this interview with Dave Gould will be invaluable to you…