TAG’s Tino Mantella: Georgia As A Technology Center


An honor to welcome Tino Mantella to the show. Tino is the President of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). A quick preview below:

Tino, Kevin Hegebarth of HireIQ, Todd Youngblood and I discussed the following topics:

1. The mission and purpose of TAG, one of the largest trade associations in the US with over 15,000 members.

2. TAG’s differentiator, its thirty special interest groups, or societies.

3. TAG’s goal to make Georgia a top 5 technology community in the US (currently 10th).

4. Kevin Hegebarth, VP of Marketing for HireIQ, talks about the value of TAG to an early-stage tech start-up.

5. Building and strengthening Georgia’s technology ecosystem and community.

6. One critical problem for Georgia’s tech community is a limited access to capital.

Tino Mantella

7. The need for a legislatively-passed venture start-up fund to help move Georgia forward.

8. The lobbying efforts, and specific legislation, pushed by TAG’s government relations arm.

9. The importance, power, and influence of TAG’s association with several national technology alliances, and the policy they are creating.

10. The Georgia Technology Summit.

HireIQ's Kevin Hegebarth and Todd Youngblood

Video from TAG below:


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